Grand Theft Auto Continues To Perform Strong Amid GTA 6 Hype

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) continues to be the money maker that it’s always been for Take-Two Interactive.

The company announced that GTA 5 has sold 190 million copies since its 2013 release. That’s up from the 185 million announced back in August.

In addition to unit sales, Take-Two says that the company has seen “better-than-expected results” for both GTA 5 and GTA Online.

As far as the future of the series, Take-Two knows that investment in GTA 5 isn’t going to last forever, especially with GTA 6 set to be officially revealed in December.

The studio said in its presentation that it expects GTA+ membership and Shark Card purchases to flatten out moving forward.

Development on GTA 6 continues at Rockstar, and Take-Two assured investors during its earnings call that the game’s development won’t be hampered by any sort of SAG-AFTRA strike for voice actors.

The next installment in the long-running franchise is expected to be located in an updated version of Vice City with more locations to be added later. It will also feature the game’s first female protagonist.

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