A List of Every GTA Map and Its Size

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is notorious for creating massive and incredibly realistic maps based on modern-day cities within the real world. With every release, it seems that the maps keep getting bigger.

Here is a list of every GTA game’s map and its size.

Every GTA Map Size

GTA still stands as one of the biggest video game franchises ever. In fact, GTA V sat as one of the highest-sold games yearly for almost a decade after its release.

This is because Rockstar knows how to make an immersive map, giving players plenty to due even after the game has been out for years.

Here is every GTA map and its size.

1. Liberty City (GTA 3)

Size: 8.12 square kilometers

Liberty City was first introduced in GTA 3 and became a fan favorite at the time. Few video games had created 3D worlds such as this at the time. Even the first two Grand Theft Autos were just 2D games with a few small maps, making Liberty City seem huge at the time.

2. Vice City (GTA: Vice City)

Size: 9.11 Square kilometers

Released only a year after GTA 3, the Vice City map in GTA: Vice City was no significantly larger than Liberty City. In fact, the majority of players probably could not have even noticed a difference in size. Still, though, the game pulled quite a few gamers in, only increasing the popularity of the GTA franchise.

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3. San Andreas (GTA: San Andreas)

Size: 38.2 kilometers

San Andreas was a big step up in size from Vice City. GTA: San Andreas ended up being a massive game, which helped create quite a bit of hype around the GTA franchise. Everyone had to see what it felt like to explore an entire city this big in the game.

2. Liberty City (GTA 4)

Size: 16.14 kilometers

GTA 4 headed back to Liberty City, but this time the map was substantially larger. For lifelong GTA fans, exploring a re-made map of the historic third installment in the franchise must have been exhilarating. GTA 4 is still well known as one of the greatest video games ever made.

1. Los Santos (GTA V)

Size: 75.84 square kilometers

The largest map in the franchise, Los Santos from GTA V, is literally the size of a small city in real life. This map is a similar size to every other GTA map listed added together. When first released in 2013, many were ecstatic to explore this massive world. Now, that the game has been out for a decade, people are still finding new things to do within the GTA V map.