Google Discussed Buying Epic Games With Tencent

Google Epic Games

Google once had ideas of buying Epic Games, and wanted to discuss it with major shareholder Tencent.

According to documents uncovered during the current trial between Google and Epic Games, former Google director of corporate development Dav Sabota said in an email that Phil Harrison, who was Google’s vice president and general manager, suggested a discussion with Tencent about Epic Games.

“As a potential alternative, Phil is proposing we consider approaching Tencent to either (a) buy Epic shares from Tencent to get more control over Epic (unclear how that helps us without a majority share) or (b) join up with Tencent to buy 100% of Epic (and then of course we do a lot of deep commercial things with Epic),” Sabota’s email read.

Those plans, however, seemed to go nowhere based on further emails.

“The company may be open to a second large strategic investor as a counterweight to Tencent,” they read. “Tencent may not be willing to sell shares, or may seek to block another strategic investor (investor rights unknown).”

Currently, Tencent owns roughly 40% of Epic Games, which is valued at $32 billion as of 2022.

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