Get A Discounted Steam Deck During Latest Sale

New Steam Deck OLED

For the first time in its year-long history, the Valve Steam Deck is on sale. As part of its current Steam Sale event, the Steam Deck is discounted by 10% for all models.

The cheapest model, which includes a 64GB eMMC SSD, is currently priced at $359.10. That’s down from the base price of $399.99. The next version up includes a 256GB NVMe SSD while the top model has a 512 NVMe SSD. Those are currently going for $476.10 and $584.10, respectively.

When ordered, Valve says to expect the Steam Deck to take 1-2 weeks to arrive. That said, from experience, it came within the first week after purchase. It really all depends on your location, however.

Since its release, the Steam Deck remains at the top of the sales charts. That’s despite it clearly being the most expensive item on the list.

If you’re interested in a Steam Deck, you can get one directly from the Steam Store. If you already have a Steam Deck and were thinking of picking up a dock for it, know that the official dock isn’t part of the sale.

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