Gears of War 2 Writer Teases Return for Gears 6

Former Gears of War writer Joshua Ortega has teased his return to the series with Gears 6.

Ortega quote tweeted himself on Twitter this week, sharing the message “Once again it’s on!” alongside an old post about his work on the Gears of War franchise.

In response to one reply asking if he was back working on Gears, Ortega replied “Hmm…” along with three lightning bolt emojis. Ortega later went on to post a poll on his Twitter account asking followers whether they preferred the title Gears of War 6 or Gears 6.

It’s far from explicit confirmation, but it appears likely that the American author and comics writer will be involved in the next Gears game in some shape. Ortega previously worked on Gears of War 2 along with the first thirteen issues of the Gears of War comic book prequel series published by DC Comics.

In his Twitter thread, Ortega also notes his own role in “the story and narrative level design for Gears 3” as well as the creation of numerous characters within the franchise. His other work in the industry includes contributing to titles like Ghost of Tsushima, Shadow Complex, Viva Piñata, and Law/Breakers.

The sixth title in the Gears of War series hasn’t been announced in any official capacity. However, Microsoft applied for a new trademark relating to Gears of War last year. Earlier this month, it was reported that the game is now the primary focus at developer The Coalition, which took over production of the video games from Gears of War 4 onwards.

Even if a new main game in the series remains a long way off, the Gears of War franchise is far from finished. Last year saw Netflix announce the production of a live-action Gears of War film and adult animated series.

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