FTC Leak Reveals All-New Xbox Controller To Launch Next Year


In a recent FTC vs. Microsoft leak, a huge document was inadvertently made public, revealing many projects internal to Microsoft and associated Xbox studios. At the top of the table sits the news that an all-new Xbox Series X (without a disc drive) is on the way, but there’s also plenty of information regarding Project Sebile – the new Xbox controller that’s penned to be revealed later this year.

It’s bursting at the seams with new features – some of which will be welcome changes for gamers the world over. While it doesn’t look dramatically different, it has had some on-board amendments that make it stand apart from what already exists. At present, there are no expected

Refreshed and Updated

This new controller, which is said to be ‘more immersive’ than any Xbox controller before, boasts a wide array of new features. It’s a monumental enough device that Xbox is – according to the leaked documents sourced by The Verge – preparing a special window to allow the team to focus on improvements on the product and ‘tell stories beyond console’.

In the infographic that was leaked via a slip-up in the FTC vs. Microsoft trial, Sebile was revealed in full, with all its innovative features detailed, including:

  • Bluetooth 5.1 and ‘Direct-to-Cloud’ functionality
  • Precision haptic feedback in the two-tone pad, with VCA haptics that doubles as speakers
  • ‘Seamless pair and switch’
  • Lift-to-wake function
  • A rechargeable and swappable battery – no more AAs!

It’ll be compatible with everything that can run an Xbox game, and it’s reportedly much more durable and longer-lasting than any other Xbox controller brought to the market.

According to the leaked document, this controller will be revealed towards the end of the year and it’ll be released early next year. There’s a brand-new Xbox Series X console being released next year, too – that’ll be bundled with the Sebile.

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  1. No AAs, not interested.
    I have a collection of rechargeable double A batteries and they are well and truly replaceable, unlike the probably proprietary battery pack they’re going to put into this which will only be sold for the next five years and then will be impossible to find.

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