Free Radical, Studio Behind TimeSplitters, At Risk Of Being Closed

Free Radical

Another studio could be closing as a new report states that Free Radical Design, the studio behind the TimeSplitters franchise, is potentially on the chopping block by owner Embracer Group.

According to VGC, sources tell the outlet that the studio “has been part of the evaluation and employees have now been notified that it could close.”

Should the studio close, UK employment law requires that employees be consulted about the decision at least 30 days before any layoffs. They must also explore ways to avoid terminations.

The report does add, however, that when searching on LinkedIn “at least 15 people employed at Free Radical have already published posts saying they’re looking for work.”

Originally founded in 1999, Free Radical Design lasted until 2008 when it went bankrupt and was acquired by Crytek. The studio would then shut down in 2014 until 2021 when Embracer Group reformed the studio as a subsidiary of Deep Silver. At the time, the plan was to bring back the TimeSplitters series. No game has officially been announced or released, however, since the

Insider Gaming has reached out to Embracer Group and Free Radical for comment on the report, but neither company has responded.

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  1. They have other garbage they should shut down. Keep the studios alive shut down the useless stuff and you don’t need more than 1 gaming publisher.

  2. Is Timesplitters 4 cancelled then? Instead of closing them maybe merge them back into Dambuster or close Dambuster instead.

  3. Why? Dark Horse and Limited Run Games should be shut down they’re actually useless. Does Asmodee actually make that much profit if not shut them down and focus on video games be a video game company.

  4. Dark Horse Comics no one reads comics but they’ve faced no layoffs, Limited Run Games a niche company, Tripwire the studio that made the shark game, Plaion which is now handling film distribution for some reason, and many others they bought that do nothing. What about Square Enix Montreal the mobile studio did they shut down?

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