Forza’s New Mobile Game is Candy Crush With Cars

forza customs

Hours ago, the launch trailer for Forza Customs, the all-new mobile experience, was released online, prompting mixed feedback from fans of the franchise. In Forza Customs, players get to rebuild junkers and put together the cars of their dreams, taking something rusty and forgotten and making it beautiful again.

However, this is accomplished by completing puzzles that smack of Candy Crush. It’s a classic ‘match-3’ puzzler that leads to players unlocking body parts, decals, and upgrades for a wide array of vehicles, ultimately allowing them to build and showcase their ideal car. But you can’t actually race those cars.

Racing Game Without Racing

Forza Customs isn’t about the driving but about the restoration of some classic cars. It has a core gameplay mechanic that sees players dominate Candy Crush-style minigames and puzzles to unlock new parts, which they then use to build and photograph the ultimate race car. That’s all there is to it.

On Android and iOS application stores, the game’s synopsis states:

The Forza Customs crew are here to bring you some unloved classics, to restore them to their former glory and beyond. Transform dreams into reality with amazing car customizations. Solve puzzles to help design, customize and tune the perfect set of wheels.

It might not appeal to all Forza fans, but for some, it’s a great and immersive title that might offer better customisation than some of the mainstream titles in the series. Here are some of the comments on YouTube professing that sentiment:

  • ‘So make a mobile gotcha game with better car customization than in the main games? Bravo’ – anotherrandomtexan25
  • ‘How tf does this have more customization than Forza Horizon?’ – tDames
  • ‘This has the best customization Forza has ever offered.’ – zemur720

It’s free to play (but loaded with microtransactions), so there’s no risk in downloading it to give it a try. If nothing else, it’s probably a neat way to pass a few minutes here and there.

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