Fortnite Could Get Wall Running This Season

fortnite wall running mechanic

Fortnite has had a remarkable week following the launch of Chapter 4. In a show-stopping event, an all-new map was revealed, bringing along with it a stunning graphical update that instantly turned Fortnite into a next-generation battle royale game.

There were countless updates poured into the game for Chapter 4, including brand-new ‘Reality Augments’, a wide and diverse array of crossover content, and new weapons. It’s par for the course with Fortnite, as for the last five years, Epic Games has continued to just make the platform better with each update.

Now, according to popular leaker HYPEX, more movement mechanics could be introduced in Chapter 4, including an advanced Fortnite wall running mechanic.

Fortnite Could Get More Fluid

In recent years, Fortnite has become increasingly fluid in terms of movement and in-game abilities. From a range of gadgets that boost verticality to sprint and slide abilities, the pacing of the game has only gotten faster with time.

Now, dependable Fortnite leaker, HYPEX, has taken to Twitter to reveal an assortment of ‘upcoming movement mechanics’ that could debut in Fortnite in Chapter 4, Season 2.

Most recently, HYPEX hopped on the leaking bandwagon and joined a few individuals in uncovering the new crossover content coming throughout Chapter 4, Season 1.

While the Fortnite wall running feature is quite self-explanatory, HYPEX was understandably in the dark as to what ‘Jump Slide’ could be. We’d already heard whispers of a double jump mechanic making it into the game, but it’s good to see that we’re one step closer to confirmation.

Following HYPEX’s comments on Twitter, another user, @PaarthShahYT, revealed that the back-end code for the wall running mechanic is ‘finished for now’ and apparently ready to deploy. It has been said that Epic Games really does know how to keep a game alive, and these constant updates and quality-of-life improvements are a testament to that claim.

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