Fortnite Chapter 4 Will Feature Mr Beast, The Hulk, And More Leak Reveals

fortnite chapter 4

If there’s one thing Fortnite does well, it’s a crossover event. For years, one of the most exciting aspects of Fortnite has been the cross-franchise efforts pushed by Epic Games, and that includes the hundreds of skins that have been released over the years.

Currently, fans are eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the Fracture event that will usher in a new era of Fortnite. For some, waiting just isn’t on the cards, and recently, two users took to Twitter to leak the minute-long trailer for Chapter 4, which reveals a string of characters potentially crossing over into Fortnite.

Among these characters were the likes of Mr Beast, The Incredible Hulk, Geralt of Rivia, and Doom Slayer.

Multi-Franchise Madness

The Hulk is certainly larger than life in the Chapter 4 trailer.

In true Fortnite style, the map is being torn to pieces by the Zero Point, bringing a new landscape about in as epic a fashion as possible. As a new map is constructed before our very eyes in the trailer by the Zero Point, we’re treated to a glimpse of several key characters potentially landing in the very next battle pass.

Within the space of a few seconds, we see Doom Slayer butchering demons, Geralt of Rivia chasing Roach, his beloved horse, Mr Beast being pulled along by a tether, and The Hulk… Riding a tiny motorcycle.

This content was leaked to Twitter by @GMatrixGames and @ralisdumb, users that allegedly datamined the content ahead of the Fracture event wrapping up.

Despite now being five years old, Fortnite still has pulling power where it counts, and these crossover events definitely lead the charge where engagement is concerned.

What’s Coming in Chapter 4?

One of the most exciting additions to Fortnite in Chapter 4 will be the Unreal Editor, which has been dubbed ‘Creative 2.0’ by the Fortnite community. This is expected to land during January, while Chapter 4 itself will debut in the coming days.

There’s an all-new map for players to explore, which will be studded with fresh points of interest to uncover, brand-new quests, and an expansion to the far-reaching story that players have been following for years.

Reportedly, according to more dataminer news, a unique double-jump mechanic will arrive with Chapter 4. There’s likely a busy chapter ahead, and as Chapter 3 was a relatively short one, there’s plenty of ground for Epic Games to catch up on.

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