Fortnite Chapter 4 to Launch in December – Unreal Editor in 2023

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite Chapter 3 will be concluding on December 3 2022 after just 4 seasons of the Chapter.

As previously reported, Insider Gaming had learned that the next season was supposed to be Chapter 3, Season 5. After checking this morning, the internal update code and wording still references the next update as Chapter 3 Season 5. So it’s either a very elaborate “cover-up” by the team, or things could have changed last minute.

Insider Gaming understands that the game will be going into a “night mode” once the Chapter 3 event is finished, with gameplay disabled.

Each in-game chapter of Fortnite brings huge changes to the game, including a complete change to the Fortnite island and gameplay. Gameplay changes are a crucial part of new Fortnite Chapters, offering players new ways to play the game. Chapter 2 included the addition of swimming, boats, and other vehicles, whereas Chapter 3 added sprinting, mantling, and its popular No Build gamemode.

Chapter 4 is set to bring one of Fortnite’s biggest features yet, the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, commonly referred to as “Creative 2.0” by the community.

Unreal Editor for Fortnite is the “big change” coming to Fortnite, but there have been some small issues with its development. It’s believed that’s why Season 5 was meant to be the last season of the Chapter. Instead, Epic has decided to roll out Chapter 4 anyway and introduce Creative 2.0 sometime in January. unless another day occurs.

It’s unclear why Epic Games has decided to make its Chapter much shorter than its predecessors, but it’s likely because it keeps the game fresh and interesting for its player base.

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