Fortnite’s User-Made ‘Survival Games’ Map is Amazing

fortnite survival games

Recently, it was revealed that two UEFN users had spent five months assembling one of the most immersive and well-crafted custom maps in Fortnite – ‘Survival Games’. Built from the ground up, this monumental creation features a series of unique biomes and custom-built characters – and it accommodates twenty-four ‘competitors’.

In a short trailer released on Twitter, we get a glimpse at the sheer depth of production value that has gone into the creation of this map, revealing just how intense the UEFN editor actually is. It looks like an entirely new game or something created by Epic Games themselves.

Hunger For Survival Games

Here’s the trailer that was shared on Twitter for the launch of ‘The Fortnite Survival Games’:

It has already been showcased on Fortnite streams by popular creators – including Nick Eh 30 – who have wasted no time in stressing just how good this custom map is. As boasted by the creators on Twitter, Survival Games offers up ‘unique gameplay and experiences.’

Months ago, Epic Games divulged information regarding the all-new ‘Creator Economy 2.0‘ in Fortnite and explained that with the launch of the UEFN, users would be able to earn like never before using Fortnite as a creative platform.

Since then, the production value of some of the most popular custom maps has skyrocketed – and now, Survival Games sits at the top of that table.

Have you played Survival Games yet?

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