CSGO Has Peaked at 1M+ Users Every Month For a Year


Everyone knows CSGO has unparalleled staying power – it’s constantly at the top of the charts on Steam and it’s easily one of the biggest esports titles in the world. With a global community remaining dedicated to the ten-year-old game, CSGO has managed to secure a peak concurrent player count of more than one million users every month for a year.

It’s a monumental record that proves how tenacious a game CSGO really is – and in recent months, it has only gotten better. More players have flocked to the platform with the desire to earn themselves a spot in the ongoing CS2 beta – even if that’s not exactly how it works. As time goes on, we come closer to the (as of yet unknown) release date for Counter-Strike 2, and it’s expected that when it drops, it will immediately dwarf even CSGO’s concurrency record.

Never Gonna Give You Up

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, without a doubt, a legendary game. It has changed the face of the esports industry – and arguably shaped the market over the last ten years. When it comes to prize pools, the diversity of tournaments, the number of competitors, and the value of contracts, CSGO remains at the top of that table.

Outside of esports, CSGO is still a popular choice for even the casual gamers – it’s far too easy to dip in, have a game or two, and dip out again, with no strings attached. In 2020, VALORANT emerged and attempted to snatch the Counter-Strike crown by employing a similar operating model, but it failed to knock the champ down from the top spot.

But with that being said, VALORANT is still holding its own in the growth stakes.

In the month of August, CSGO recorded a peak concurrent player count of 1,369,511 users – were you one of them?

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