Fortnite’s New Live Service Games Have Been Officially Revealed

fortnite live service

During the uber-successful Big Bang event in Fortnite, it was confirmed (and showcased) that three all-new live service games are flooding into the Fortnite ecosystem. Players got to sample a portion of these games as the Big Bang event unfolded, which promptly broke the servers as more than 12 million concurrent players swamped the popular battle royale title – which is fast becoming the ultimate multi-dimensional game.

What’s Coming to Fortnite?

In the Big Bang event and beyond, players could and will be able to play the following live-service games, which will run alongside Fortnite’s base game modes and be updated over time:

  • LEGO Fortnite
  • Rocket Racing
  • Fortnite Festival

LEGO Fortnite was leaked weeks ago, emerging as a collaboration between Epic and the LEGO Group. Rocket Racing is a crossover event that has been made possible by Epic Games’ ownership of Psyonix, the creator of Rocket League. Finally, there’s Fortnite Festival, a rhythm-based button-pressing game that’s emerged as a result of Epic owning Harmonix, which once upon a time was responsible for the development of Rock Band.

All these elements and more will kick off Chapter 5, Season 1 in earnest when it goes live. It’s one of the most diverse offerings we’ve ever seen in Fortnite – or any game at all – and it’s all free to play. Fortnite is fast becoming a one-stop shop for every kind of game, and that’s incredible.

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