Fortnite First-Person Mode Coming in Season Two, Leak Claims

fortnite first-person

Next week, Fortnite’s first season of Chapter Four comes to a close, and there are high expectations for the game’s second season already circulating, thanks to several key leaks. Now, it seems that players have something else to look forward to, as a group of prominent leakers confirm that a Fortnite first-person mode is set to debut when the second season goes live.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of such a mode arriving in Fortnite, as rumours regarding the first-person perspective abilities have been sauntering around the scene since at least June 2022. It could be a game-changer of a feature, and thanks to a glitch that was doing the rounds at the start of February, we already have an idea of how it’ll work.

Fortnite First-Person Mode Could Be Days Away

Recently, we reported on new leaked collaborations coming in the second season of Chapter Four, including an expansive Attack on Titan crossover event. There’s also an alleged Resident Evil crossover in the works, put in place to celebrate the release of the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Now, the most prominent leakers in the Fortnite space, HYPEX and ShiinaBR, have stated on Twitter that they’ve received insider information that has effectively confirmed the impending arrival of Fortnite’s first-person mode.

It was stated by HYPEX in particular that this seems to be an optional setting that users can switch on at the press of a button, as ‘most of the stuff this source (has) seen was in third-person mode’. It’ll almost certainly play out more effectively on Zero Build, and as a result of the glitch that was being exploited earlier in February, we know exactly what it’ll look like on-screen.

However, it’s anticipated that using a first-person perspective in a build-based mode would be an absolute nightmare. That is unless first-person would apply only to aiming down the sights of a weapon.

Will you be playing Fortnite in first-person if these leaks are validated in a few days?

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