Fortnite Festival Adds Rock Band 4 Guitar Support

Fortnite Festival has finally added support for Rock Band 4 guitar controllers. The update comes alongside the recent updates to the game that include the addition of Billie Eilish.

“Useable within Fortnite Festival now are “You can now use your Rock Band 4 guitar controllers to go all out on new Pro Lead and Pro Bass song parts on the Main Stage on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC!” Epic Games and Harmonix said.

In total there are a number of guitars that are compatible for the game, which can be see in the table below. Some do require the Xbox One Wireless Adapter in order to use with PC.

Fortnite Festival Rock Band 4 guitar controller support

The controller support comes just three months after Harmonix confirmed it was putting full effort into Fortnite Festival moving forward. It did release one final DLC for Rock Band 4 on January 25 for players, nine years after the game’s initial release.

Epic Games says it will “have more instrument controller news to announce in the future”. Whether that’s more support for older controllers or new guitar peripherals remains to be seen.

Are you going to jump into Fortnite Festival now that you can use your old guitars within the game? For more Insider Gaming, check out what classic brand is coming back thanks to Atari.

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