Fortnite Chapter 1 Map Set To Return, It’s Claimed

Fortnite Chapter 1 map
Image: Epic Games

For fans of the map from Fortnite Chapter 1, it appears you’re going to be able to relive your fond memories. According to Egyptian Fortnite Leaker on Twitter, the first map is set to return in the next season of Fortnite.

“The Chapter 1 map will return next season!” they said. “There will be a ‘time corruption’ and the seasons will ‘repeat’.”

For more context, another user, Wenso, said that every week “will have a new season”.

“To explain further: Since “time will be running faster”, every week will have a new season,” they say, “and I’m assuming gameplay elements and map changes from those seasons.

“So like this: Week 1: C1S1, Week 2: C1S2.”

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Other details about the next season haven’t come yet. However, information should be announced in the coming weeks with the next season expected later this fall.

Epic Games hasn’t confirmed the return of the original Fortnite map. Nor have they responded to requests for comment on the rumor.

Are you hopeful that we’ll see the return of the Chapter 1 map in Fortnite next season? For more Insider Gaming, check out details on the new PlayStation 5 Slim console.