FIFA’s President Reveals They’re Developing a New Soccer Game

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Recently, FIFA’s President, Gianni Infantino, took to a stage and revealed that the organisation is working with new partners to develop a fresh ‘e-game’ that will boast the FIFA branding that Electronic Arts lost in 2022. For thirty years, EA worked on the FIFA franchise, producing top-tier soccer titles that were appreciated worldwide, but since 2023, the firm dropped the FIFA name and transitioned to ‘EA Sports FC’.

‘Hundreds of Millions of Children’

In a bold statement, Gianni Infantino said:

We will develop a new e-game, because a football simulation game is called FIFA. For hundreds of millions of children around the world, when they play a football simulation game, they play FIFA. It cannot be named something else.

Infantino confirmed that FIFA is working with new partners to piece together a fresh game, but nobody knows what that’ll look like or how it’ll work. It already has plenty of competition in the space, with almost the entire audience having transitioned quite happily to EA Sports FC following the game’s rebrand. Konami is also still in that arena with the eFootball line of games.

Infantino spoke highly of the game that doesn’t yet exist, stressing that it’ll ‘be the best’ because it’ll align with ‘everything (they) do’ at FIFA.

Does the world need a new soccer game? Is there room for a fresh title alongside EA Sports FC and eFootball?

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  1. “because it’ll align with ‘everything (they) do’ at FIFA.”

    No way, we can be corrupt in the new FIFA ?! INSTA BUY

  2. Rumor is 2K is taking it over. Wish that the same thing could happen to Def Jam, NBA Street, skateboarding, bmx, and snowboarding.

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