New Fallout TV Show Leak Reveals Teaser Trailer

fallout tv show

Hours ago, an all-new clip was leaked from the Fallout TV show, revealing a teaser trailer that highlights the core elements of the story. In this clip, we see a series of nukes light up a cityscape, a badass Ghoul taking on what looks like a town in the Old West, a group of power armour-toting individuals coming from a collection of Vertibirds, and characters leaving an iconic Vault.

It’s jam-packed with things to pick out from the upcoming Fallout TV show, which at present doesn’t have a release date but is expected to come exclusively to Amazon in 2024.

The End is Near

Fallout is a legendary series and arguably the best post-apocalyptic franchise that has ever existed. It’s a series that spans twenty-five years of gaming history and has been influential in inspiring other post-apocalyptic titles over the years.

For the last couple of years, fans have been poring over every little leak and tidbit of information coming out of the Fallout TV show camp. It has been in production for the longest time, and given how things have stepped up recently in terms of trailers and other leaked content, it seems like a grand reveal is just days away.

In the latest leak, uploaded to Twitter by Fallout Films, we see a 30-second teaser trailer shown behind closed doors that gives us a perfect taste of things to come.

It doesn’t reveal any more than we already knew, but it takes what has already been established and expands upon it, giving us a real insight into the world of the Fallout TV show.

I’m personally expecting a reveal for the release date any day now.

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