Free MWII Multiplayer Trial Is Coming – With a Strange Twist

mwii multiplayer

Activision has revealed that from the 13th to the 20th of September, a MWII multiplayer trial will take place, with all comers getting access to an extensive portion of the game’s online offering completely free of charge. There will be twelve maps and eleven modes up for grabs, giving the uninformed a clear taste of what Modern Warfare II offers.

However, there’s a strange twist – all users playing in the ‘multiplayer free access’ window are entitled to just 2.5 hours of actual, in-match gameplay. It’s a bizarre restriction that hasn’t been seen before in these multiplayer trials, and I’ve got a theory about it…

Why Just 2.5 Hours?

Here’s my theory.

I’m saying that this MWII multiplayer trial is allowing users to access just 2.5 hours of content because it’s likely the last trial they’re putting out before MWIII and they don’t want people to rack up their carry-over content for free. It has been known for weeks now that Modern Warfare III will soak up everything you’ve unlocked in Modern Warfare II.

So, if Activision opened up the free MWII multiplayer trial for an entire week, there’s nothing stopping people from jumping on, rinsing the game, unlocking heaps of content, and getting it all unlocked in Modern Warfare III – without ever having bought Modern Warfare II.

But that’s just a theory.

From the 13th to the 20th of September, users across all platforms will get access to a free multiplayer trial for Modern Warfare II – that’s the important thing to take away from this. If you’re yet to get involved with the fastest-selling Call of Duty game of all time, then perhaps now is your chance.

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