Fallout TV Show To Release April 2024

fallout tv show

Moments ago, it was revealed through a fresh Twitter profile that the Fallout TV show will debut on April 12th, 2024, exclusively on Prime Video. This long-awaited series has been the subject of countless leaks over the last two years as it passed through its various production phases, and for the most part, what we’ve seen looks pretty fantastic and authentic.

Fallout TV Show Looks Genuinely Authentic

It’s an original story set in the heart of the Fallout universe, bringing together instantly recognisable elements and fusing them with new features, unique characters, and a never-before-seen setting that includes a canonical (but also new) Vault-Tec vault – 33.

Here’s the post, complete with an on-theme snapshot video:

In the most recent leaks, we saw an entire trailer hit the airwaves, which showcased some of the star cast fulfilling their roles, including Walton Goggins as a Ghoul character, a ‘creature’ that’s one of the most recognisable creations features in the Fallout series.

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