Fallout TV Show: ‘First Look’ Report Reveals New Details

fallout tv show

Next April, the long-awaited Fallout TV show will debut on Amazon’s Prime Video platform. It’s a hugely anticipated project, and over the last year or so, countless leaks have emerged from within the show’s production – but despite that fact, very little is actually known about the series’ content.

In a recent ‘first look’ report published in Vanity Fair, we get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the Fallout TV show, complete with interviews, never-before-seen images, and more information than we can shake a Pip-Boy at.

This Is How It Ends

In the article published in Vanity Fair, we learn how the show’s protagonist, Lucy (played by Ella Purnell) emerges from one of the franchise’s iconic Vaults, stepping out into the post-apocalyptic wasteland to face off against mutated abominations and the constant threat of death. It was said that with Bethesda on board to consult on the script, it has remained true to the franchise’s ‘voice’:

We had a lot of conversations over the style of humor, the level of violence, the style of violence. Look, Fallout can be very dramatic, and dark, and postapocalyptic, but you need to weave in a little bit of a wink…. I think they threaded that needle really well on the TV show.

Todd Howard

There was plenty revealed by Vanity Fair, and much more content either reiterated or confirmed for the first time following leaks. For instance, we now know for sure that the Brotherhood of Steel will make an appearance in the series, but the faction will come equipped and fully loaded in the Prydwen, the airship that was seen in 2015’s Fallout 4.

Jonathan Nolan, who directed three episodes of the Fallout TV show, spoke about the very nature of the Brotherhood of Steel in the show:

It’s a little bit of the Marine Corps. It’s a little bit of the Knights Templar. It’s this kind of weird fusion. In the absence of a federal government, you just had all this military hardware lying around. Who would get it, and how would they maintain control of it? (It’s a) mutated version of patriotism, religion, loyalty, and fraternity.

It was also mentioned that we’ll get an exclusive backstory explaining some of the iconography in the game, including an origin story for Vault-Tec’s mascot, Vault Boy. We’ll see much of the suite of Fallout creatures and characters explored, from Ghouls to Super Mutants, and every new shot reveals things that are so reminiscent of recent titles, like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

From Vertibirds to the classic weaponry, such as Assault Rifles, everything looks authentic. The suits of Power Armour are spot on, and the Vault Suits look brilliant.

It looks as though the story could be set around characters fighting to obtain a G.E.C.K, otherwise known as the ‘Garden of Eden Creation Kit’, which is a miraculous device that allows users to set up a fully functioning, advanced settlement with ease. It was first featured in Fallout 2, and it was nodded to by Vanity Fair in the article in the line:

‘Most of the disparate parties are “chasing an artefact that has the potential to radically change the power dynamic in this world,” as Nolan puts it.’

But at this point, that’s conjecture – it could be anything.

The Fallout TV show will be released on April 12, 2024, exclusively on Prime Video.

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