Fallout TV Show Has More Set Images Leaked


Last year, the Fallout TV show suffered a relatively enormous leak, with more than a dozen images spilling out from the set and production team that revealed power armour, a vault, vault dwellers, and some story pieces, such as an armoured train and a biological hazard.

Now, more images have been pulled from the set of the Fallout TV series, uncovering an iconic Red Rocket gas station, an instantly recognisable location featured heavily in the open-world, post-apocalyptic franchise. From what we can see in the images, production value remains high during the show’s development, which bodes well for its impending release.

When Is The Fallout Show Being Released?

Nobody knows when the Fallout TV show will be debuting, aside from the fact that it’s expected to drop in 2023 at some point. Almost nothing has been released on an official level, and both Amazon (the driving force behind the project) and Bethesda have been playing their cards close to their chest.

However, on location in New York, several sites keep cropping up that are relatively accessible to locals, meaning leaks like these are somewhat inevitable. It seems as though the production team has tried to mask the location somewhat by crudely covering the Red Rocket sign atop the gas station, but even the most inexperienced Fallout fan can instantly recognise what they’re looking at.

Although we don’t really know anything about the show, what has been leaking from the inside does look pretty fantastic and true to the source material. In the last few months, images of weapons, suits of armour, outfits, and locations tied to the franchise have been uncovered, and they’re almost always like-for-like replicas of what already exists.

There’s quite a strong collection of actors driving the Fallout TV show cast forwards, too. From Walton Goggins and Ella Purnell to Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks) and Matty Cardarople (Stranger Things), there are some well-known presences stepping up to carry the show.

As there’s basically nothing else to look forward to in the Fallout space (except the Fallout: London mod), let’s hope that the show is unveiled in full very soon.

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