Fallout: London Team Posts End Of Year Update

fallout london

Fallout: London was first revealed more than three years ago, emerging as a plan to construct one of the most ambitious mods in gaming history. For the most part, it’s a grand idea, introducing the Fallout universe to a realm that’ll likely never be explored by Bethesda Game Studios: the United Kingdom.

Fortunately, the team has been remarkably communicative regarding the progress on the mod, posting constant updates and miniature reveals that clearly outline how well the development cycle is progressing. Recently, to cap off 2022, the Fallout: London team released a 12-minute video showcasing everything that they’ve done on the project thus far.

Fallout Comes to London (Kind Of)

It may seem too good to be true, but since 2019, a team of dedicated mod developers has worked tirelessly to faithfully recreate the entire city of London (and outlying areas) within the Fallout 4 engine.

In June 2022, the team published something of a showcase, officially revealing the game and releasing a long gameplay trailer. It looked good, if a little unpolished, and the team has created something unique, featuring a full, voiced cast, an instantly-recognisable environment, and a whole host of weapons, outfits, factions, and scenarios, all themed around the setting.

Here’s the most recent update that was released to shed light on the project thus far:

From working trains and boats to militarised postboxes, and from the reveal of the one-hundred-strong track list to the uncovering of more factions, it’s a meaty update to sink your teeth into. Most of these assets have been designed and built from the ground up by the team, which has made for a lengthy and painstaking development cycle.

This year, Fallout 4 will receive a free next-gen update, which will be delivered in a similar fashion to The Witcher 3’s next-gen upgrade. It’ll enable players to secure high-resolution graphics along with boosted frame rates, as well as a range of extra content added digitally through the platform’s Creation Club.

At present, there’s no information regarding a release date for the Fallout: London mod, but as work continues, the mod expands immeasurably. It must be stressed that almost everything (bar the engine and base assets) is unique to Fallout: London. There’s a huge map that spans from Croydon to Islington and from Lambeth to the City of London, and Fallout fans can’t wait to get stuck in.

Fallout: London is expected to launch as a PC-exclusive mod.

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