Leaked Modern Warfare 2 Icons Could Reveal The Return of Plunder & Cranked Gamemodes

New leaked icons found within Modern Warfare 2 have potentially shown that both Plunder and Cranked could be coming back to the game in the near future. The images, leaked by Twitter user BKTOOR were posted to his account earlier today.

What’s unusual about the “Plunder” images is that they follow the same color scheme as Modern Warfare 2, rather than Warzone. This could suggest that it’s an entirely different gamemode coming to Modern Warfare 2, or because it’s an in-development asset and is yet to have its final colors completed.

Fan speculation has suggested that the icon is indeed for Modern Warfare 2 and could be for a CS:GO-like gamemode, but nothing is yet confirmed.

The other icon, believed to be Cranked, has been a fan-favorite gamemode that has been re-added throughout various Call of Duty titles in the past.

Although not yet confirmed, the leaked images could suggest that the gamemodes could be coming as a part of Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, which has been leaked to return the World at War Castle map.

What do you think of the leaked gamemode icons in Modern Warfare 2?

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