Fallout 76’s Atlantic City Expansion Arrives in December

fallout 76 atlantic city

It was a couple of months ago that Bethesda Game Studios revealed Atlantic City, the all-new expansion coming to Fallout 76, but the developer neglected to provide a release date for this new content drop. Well, bucking the trend of revealing something for Fallout 76 and leaving it on the back burner for ages, the team has now confirmed that Atlantic City will be released on December 5th, 2023.

It was revealed that it’s so big it’ll be deployed in two updates: Boardwalk Paradise and America’s Playground – and the former portion of that roadmap will land on all platforms on December 5th – there’s no date for the second portion just yet, though.

Finally, More Fallout 76 Content

I was a massive Fallout 76 fan until the endgame ran drier than the Gobi, but here we are – fresh content to satiate my thirst and bring me back into the fold.

Fortunately, it seems that Atlantic City will be nothing like The Pitt expedition that dropped over a year ago. That was a glorified ‘Daily Op’, but Atlantic City will feature much more content, including:

  • New, never-before-seen locations in the Fallout universe
  • A full-fledged casino a lá New Vegas
  • New factions to fight
  • Brand-new creators
  • An Expedition within the update
  • All-new questlines

It’s expected to be one of the biggest updates to hit the post-apocalyptic MMORPG platform in years, and fans are understandably excited – I know I am.

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