Fallout 4 DLC-Sized Mod Adds New Ending to the Game

the fen

On the 3rd of February, The Fens Sheriff’s Department mod was released in full, bringing a wealth of new content to the game in the form of a DLC-sized upgrade. This mod has roots in 2019, with the creator, MunkySpunk, building out The Bleachers, a mod that expanded Diamond City by a considerable amount.

Now, The Fens Sheriff’s Department has been released, adding an entirely new ending to the game after more than seven years. It also adds fifty new quests to the game, a new companion, brand-new locations, weapons, suits of power armour, and amazingly, 17,500 lines of professional dialogue.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Fallout 4 is one of the most popular games for the modding community, and on the PC platform alone, there are tens of thousands of compatible, entertaining mods to be installed. From graphics overhauls to filters and from the bizarre, kooky modifications to real-world weapons, there’s a staggering list available for users to enjoy.

At the moment, one of the biggest and most ambitious mods in the history of gaming is being built for the Fallout ecosystem – Fallout: London.

Here’s the launch trailer for The Fens Sheriff’s Department mod:

There’s a whole heap of content to be snatched up by installing The Fens Sheriff’s Department:

  • An all-new paramilitary faction.
  • Fifteen unique, voiced NPCs.
  • An enormous expansion to the area around Diamond City.
  • An all-new companion that boasts 5,000 lines of dialogue.
  • New locations, including a player safehouse.
  • Various weapons: Tomahawk, Synth Head Mace, Flamer Pistol.

There are even cross-mod applications, with The Fens Sheriff’s Department mod integrating with other offerings found primarily on the Nexus Mods platform.

For those looking to play The Fens Sheriff’s Department on PC, it’s worth noting that, owing to assets and compatibility, you’ll need every DLC released for the game up to this point.

Will this bring a wave of players back to the ever-popular Fallout 4? Most likely – it’s timeless.

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