Flight Simulator 2024: Everything we Know About Flight Simulator 2024

Microsoft Flight Simulator introduced many new players to the series thanks to its inclusion on Xbox Game Pass, so all eyes are on the upcoming Flight Simulator 2024 to expand the series into new areas while delivering the most realistic experience for those who want to explore the world.

Flight Simulator 2024 will feature brand-new mechanics and vehicles to give players an immersive experience with plenty of content to keep them coming back for more. Here is everything we know so far about Flight Simulator 2024.

Flight Simulator 2024 Release Date

No official release date has been given for Flight Simulator 2024, but we can expect the game to be released sometime in 2024. The previous entry in the series was released in August 2020, which could potentially give us a more accurate window of when the game could be released, but we won’t know for certain until Microsoft announces an official release date this year.

What Platforms Will Flight Simulator 2024 Be Released On?

Being a first-party Microsoft game, Flight Simulator 2024 will be released exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X. For PC gamers, the game will launch on both Steam and the Xbox app.

Will Flight Simulator Be On Xbox Game Pass?

With Flight Simulator 2024 being a first-party title developed by Microsoft, it will launch on day 1 on Xbox Game Pass for both PC and Xbox.

Flight Simulator 2024 Trailer

Flight Simulator 2024 was officially announced in June 2023, with Microsoft releasing the first trailer for the upcoming game.

Check out the announcement trailer below.

Is Flight Simulator A Traditional Game Or Just A Simulator?

As the name suggests, the game is a simulator and that is pretty much all that it is. The most recent 2020 release saw many new players check it out for the first time thanks to its day 1 release on Xbox Game Pass, and perhaps the extra free time during lockdown helped with bringing new players to the series.

However, some were surprised to discover it is just a simulator that replicates flying an aircraft as accurately as possible without being in a real cockpit, rather than a game such as The Sims which is a simulator but much more fun and entertaining. With Flight Simulator, if you choose to fly from London to New York, expect to not see much happen for over 6 hours as you cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Some real pilots do use Microsoft Flight Simulator as practice due to its accuracy. Of course, nothing compares to being in a real plane, but when you’re on the ground and in your home it is the best alternative to maintain your skill and knowledge.

Does Flight Simulator 2024 Have A Story?

Flight Simulator 2024 won’t have a traditional story or campaign mode, but it will feature various challenges and scenarios to play and it seems that Microsoft is looking to expand this to make it more appealing to a wider audience. The 2020 release features landing challenges, which is the most difficult part of a journey, but once you’ve mastered them all you can do in the game is fly around the world and explore.

This time, there will be numerous scenarios to add more variety to the game. These were shown off in the trailer and it is possible that more could be added when the game launches, or even included in future updates. Check out the current list of challenges and scenarios below.

  • Search and rescue
  • Cargo Transport
  • Air Ambulance
  • Agricultural Aviation
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Skydive Aviation
  • Aerial Construction
  • Industrial Cargo Transport
  • Remote Cargo Operations
  • VIP Charter services
  • Air Racing
  • Glider Pilot
  • Scientific Research
  • Experimental Flight
  • Low Altitude Training
  • Executive Transport Service
  • Airship Tours

Flight Simulator Will Feature Helicopters And Hot Air Balloons For The First Time

The Flight Simulator series has always centred around planes, but that is set to change with the upcoming release. In the announcement trailer, we got to see helicopters heavily featured across numerous scenarios and challenges.

But, one of the more surprising additions is the inclusion of hot air balloons which can be seen at the very end of the trailer. Although they’re not the most exciting form of air travel, it could be very relaxing to ride in a hot air balloon and see the world below and take in more of the landscape due to its slow speed.

Modders Will Be Able To Sell Their Creations Directly In-Game

Microsoft Flight Simulator saw the inclusion of a Partner Program, which allows modders to create custom content and sell it directly in the game’s marketplace rather than releasing it on a third-party platform. This also allows the modders to earn revenue for their efforts.

The partner program will continue with Flight Simulator 2024, but there is no information as to whether content purchased from the marketplace for Microsoft Flight Simulator will carry over to the new game.

  1. This is not the first time helicopters have been included. They first appeared in FS95 and have been in every version at launch until MSFS20.

  2. “…there is no information as to whether content purchased from the marketplace for Microsoft Flight Simulator will carry over to the new game.”
    Yes there is. From the official FAQ: With very few exceptions, virtually all add-ons that work in Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) today will function in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. Add-ons that were purchased from the in-simulator Marketplace will not need to be re-purchased in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

  3. As an expilot, I feel that Microsoft 2024 Is a game and not a simulator. Many of people I’ve talked to would have liked to seen the extra
    disk space
    to improve season chances and overall sceneries I’m not interested in gaming and having to upgrade the computer to run the game to its ability smoothly.

    1. you get 2 types of simmers. the ones that embraces a simulation platform that enables them to enjoy aviation, and the rest that have some sort of weak assumptions and inaccurate information that choose to not embrace this flr what it is

      it is NOT a real plane and never will be on pc platforms. real pilots will only ever experience tbe real thing on real planes, and to complain about realism on pc is totally absurd. you will always have a reason to dissaprovr and it will never change

      just a correction.!IT IS A SIMULATOR, and a very good next gen one. and seasons are being added. critisism is fine, but at least get the real facts that has been talked about in depth since the beginning.

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