Every Platform You Can Play GTA On

With the recent trailer released for GTA VI, many are reliving the old days by playing GTA V and other GTA games. Whether it’s online that’s your forte, or playing the campaign, GTA is pretty accessible to everyone and whatever platform they have.

Here is every platform you can play GTA on.

Which Platforms Support GTA?

GTA has been one of the world’s biggest gaming franchises since the late 1990s. Every GTA title released has done absolute numbers and has created whole new waves of gamers.

So which platforms currently support GTA games?


Currently, the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S support GTA V and GTA Online. Both systems are also incredibly powerful, allowing the game to run quite smoothly. GTA VI will also more than likely be available to play on the Xbox One X and Xbox One S when it releases.

The original Xbox One also supports both of these games, but may not run as smoothly.


Both the PS4 and PS5 support GTA V and GTA Online, making them ideal systems. While the PS5 is obviously the better system, the PS4 still runs fairly well for its age. Regardless, people who want to play the game can own either one.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch currently does not have GTA V or GTA Online on its platform. The system does however the remastered versions of GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City, giving GTA fans something to enjoy.


Both Android and iOS do not have GTA V or GTA Online but like the Nintendo Switch, GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City are available for Mobile devices. Players can still get their GTA fix if needed, just not exactly with any of the newer titles.


Almost every GTA game is available for purchase and playable on the PC. The games can run great too, depending on the hardware you have in your computer.

What Systems Will GTA 6 Be On?

As of now, it is presumed that GTA VI will be available on all major platforms, including the PS5, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and PC. Whether or not a new system will emerge before then is unknown.