Every Major Fallout 4 Faction, Ranked

fallout 4 factions ranked

Fallout 4 has some fantastic factions that make up the backbone of the game itself – without them, there would essentially be no story for the player to experience. However, there’s a point of contention within the community as to which Fallout 4 faction is ‘the best’. It’s mostly a subjective debate, but in this list, we’re seeing every major Fallout 4 faction ranked from worst to best.

Ranking Fallout 4’s Factions

Out of all the Fallout 4 factions, we’ve zeroed in on the ‘main’ groups that contribute the most to the story, so don’t be disappointed if your all-time favourite fringe faction doesn’t make the cut. Leave a comment stressing who you think should make the list and we’ll consider adding it!

Here we go – every major Fallout 4 faction, ranked from worst to best.

4. The Railroad (Worst)

The Railroad might have some admirable goals in mind, but this basement-dwelling, secretive organisation that distrusts the player from the word ‘go’ is typically left standing in the nuclear dust in Fallout 4. They only care about helping synths, and that’s a huge sticking point for much of the Commonwealth.

There’s a sweet bonus in the ‘Ballistic Fiber’ mod you can unlock for siding with The Railroad, but it’s enough to save the faction.

3. The Institute

The Institute – arguably the most important Fallout 4 faction because of where it fits into the story, but it’s called ‘The Boogeyman of the Commonwealth’ for a reason. It terrifies people, and some of the experiments it carries out are nothing short of abhorrent. With that being said, the whole ‘preservation of science and rebuilding the world’ bit is positive and a huge redeemer for the faction.

There’s a huge amount of work needed in The Institute’s PR department, but the upkeep of a hyper-clean, flawless scientific facility some 200 years after the nuclear apocalypse is something that can’t be discredited.

Honourable Mention: Gunners

In Fallout 4, the Gunners are akin to the Raiders, but they’re more military-based in their appearance and how they operate, and they facilitate the backstory of one of the game’s best companions, MacCready. They often pair up with the likes of Assaultrons and bring the force of a well-trained unit to any fight.

2. Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel is easily the most recognisable Fallout 4 faction – it’s probably the most iconic faction from the franchise, period. In Fallout 4, the Brotherhood of Steel ‘chapter’ that arrives to shape up Boston is unfortunately quite bigoted and fascist-like in how it goes about its mission, but there’s something valiant about wanting to rid an entire region of mutated, cannibalistic, and intensely violent creatures, right?

As a special mention, it’s worth stressing that their arrival in the Commonwealth Wasteland is one of the most epic moments in Fallout history.

Honourable Mention: Atom Cats

No Fallout 4 faction is cooler than the Atom Cats. They’re a real live bunch, you dig? With their customised suits of power armour and their ‘Greased Lightning’ vibe, they’re instantly likeable and probably way more chilled out than they should be, given their surroundings.

1. Minutemen (Best)

As we see every major Fallout 4 faction ranked, we can’t help but list the Minutemen at the top of the pile. This selfless faction exists to unite settlements across the Wasteland, pulling together with community spirit and ensuring that everyone has a voice – and a home. There’s no sinister sub-plot, no underlying regime – it’s just regular folks trying to get by and share what they have with those that need it.

Out of every major Fallout 4 faction, the Minutemen are deserving of the top spot. They might not boast vertibirds or next-generation scientific technology, but they’re decent people, and they’re triers, and that’s all that matters.