Every Fortnite Chapter Ranked Worst To Best

Fortnite has been taking the gaming world by storm since its initial release in 2017. Whether you enjoy the game or not, you cannot deny that its popularity during its first year or two was outstanding. Everyone was playing Fortnite and everyone seemingly was obsessed with the game. Some of these chapters are even ranked as some of the best times in gaming.

But out of the four chapters that have been released… which one is the best?

Fortnite Chapters Ranked (Worst to Best)

Fortnite currently has four chapters, with a fifth just beyond the horizon. The first chapter was 10 seasons, while the other three differ in length. Regardless though, the game still has a massive fanbase, even if not as many people are playing like back in the day.

So which Fortnite chapter is the best? And which chapter falls as the weakest Fortnite chapter?

4. Chapter 3 (2021)

Beginning in December of 2021, Fortnite Chapter 3 was a huge advancement for the game. Players had not seen a new map since October of 2019, making the hype-up for this new chapter all the more real. Unfortunately, though, the chapter was not received as well as others. With weapons that players did not enjoy, to underwhelming POIs, Fortnite’s Chapter 3 was a disappointment compared to the others.

The game did introduce the Spider-Man gauntlets during Chapter 3 though, which were universally loved.

3. Chapter 4 (2022)

Beginning less than a year ago was Fortnite: Chapter 4. The fourth chapter of the Battle Royale has had some unique twists, such as the Kinetic weapons. The Kinetic Hammer and the Kinetic Blade were great ways to travel across the map while taking out any enemy in your way. Unfortunately, the Chapter seems to be already coming to an end, as rumors of Chapter 5 are already surfacing, making it the shortest Fortnite chapter to date.

Still, Chapter 4 had its strengths, making it quite memorable in Fortnite players’ eyes.

2. Chapter 1 (2017)

While some may argue that Chapter 1 was the best chapter of Fortnite, the game was still in its beta phase and working out a lot of issues. Now, Fortnite: Chapter 1 was an iconic time for gaming, that cannot be disputed. Everyone was playing during this chapter, and some of the biggest stars in gaming like Ninja and CourageJD were making the best content possible.

Chapter 1 will go down in history as one of the greatest chapters in all video games.

1. Chapter 2 (2019)

Fortnite: Chapter 2 was like the perfected version of Chapter 1. Everything was perfect. The locations were excellent, the weapons were balanced and everyone was having a great time playing the game. The continuous storyline still had players engulfed and the competitive scene was as upbeat as ever. Many people attribute playing Chapter 2 of Fortnite as one of the best times of their lives.

Chapter 2 will forever have a hold on Fortnite players as one of the best chapters of all time.