Escape from Tarkov is About to Get its First Microtransactions

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Battlestate Games has just published the patch notes for the update, which is set to remove snow from Escape from Tarkov and change dozens of attributes based on community feedback and testing. In the patch notes, there’s also a clear indicator that Battlestate is preparing to roll out its first ‘microtransactions’, giving players the option to purchase additional ‘stash lines’ to upgrade their in-game inventory capabilities.

It Starts Now

Admittedly, Battlestate could have gone down a microtransaction-fuelled route years ago – but didn’t. Many will claim that the game’s ‘higher editions’ (such as the now-retired Edge of Darkness) are leaning into pay-to-win territory, but any Tarkov veteran will tell you that isn’t necessarily the case.

In the latest patch notes for the 14.1 update, it was revealed that:

In the near future, the in-game stash expansion and access to the practice co-op mode will become available for purchase in the profile page on the official Escape from Tarkov website; purchase of additional stash lines will be available regardless of the game edition.

For Edge of Darkness owners, the practice co-op ‘offline’ modes have been available for several months, but it seems that players who own a ‘lower tier’ of Escape from Tarkov will soon be able to pay a one-off fee to bolt that mode onto their offering. Further, players with a lesser version of Tarkov (such as the Standard package) will be able to expand their stash with real-world money.

In Tarkov, the ‘stash’ is where all your collected items sit in your hideout. It doesn’t matter if that’s weapons, medical items, valuable loot, or building materials – it all lives in the hideout. One of the biggest downfalls of the Standard package is the restricted stash. Most players can make do with the limited space, but it’s not ideal.

Now, Battlestate is opening up to microtransactions (in a sense) and allowing players to expand their stash with real-world cash.

It was further referenced in the patch notes that some much-needed changes are coming to the new armour mechanics introduced to Escape from Tarkov with the latest wipe (0.14).

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