Tarkov’s 14.1 Patch Will Remove Snow, Starting Tomorrow


Escape from Tarkov is about to get a sizeable update that will, among other things, remove snow from the game. In patch, which is expected to be the largest update since the wipe hit around Christmas time, we’ll bid farewell to the white blanket that has draped itself over much of the fictional Norvinsk region in Escape from Tarkov and welcome back luscious green fields and forests.

Good or Bad?

For some, the introduction of snow in Escape from Tarkov was a miserable thing. It made players that much harder to hear, with crunchy, snowy footsteps deafening the majority of the hardcore, sadomasochistic people who love to put themselves through the wringer while playing one of the toughest games around.

For others (like myself), it was a wonderful addition. It took the bleak Tarkov landscape and made it something more beautiful, adding a fresh aesthetic to the game and genuinely being quite well done at the same time. It was on theme and it was a pleasant change, offering attractive vistas across most maps in the game.

Recently, Battlestate Games teased on Twitter that snow will be going away following the deployment of the patch, which is hitting Escape from Tarkov globally tomorrow morning from 07:00 AM GMT / 02:00 AM EST. It was said that the update will last approximately four hours (so that’s six hours in typical Tarkov time), but not much else is known about the patch.

Full patch notes will be made available tomorrow.

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