Escape from Tarkov Devs Wants to “Make the Game Cleaner” in Fight Against Cheaters

Escape from Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has spoken out about the game’s ongoing issue with cheaters. 

Fans have be raising serious concerns regarding the number of Escape from Tarkov cheaters for a long time now. Some players have even gone so far as to controversially install cheats to highlight the problem.

Recently, Battlestate shared a post to the Escape from Tarkov Reddit community addressing the issue. 

“Every time for a long time, unfortunately, one way or another, a problem with cheaters pops up,” the post’s introduction reads. “And people immediately start blaming us for not caring. They begin to bury the game, us, and generally say things that are sensitive to us.”

The post goes on to list the work Battlestate is putting into its anti-cheat measures, including highlighting that they “ban several thousand cheaters a day” and that Battleye—Tarkov’s built-in anti-cheat system—“has been updated four times” in the last week. 

Battlestate also promises that they will soon “start working on new hacker detection methods to automate it and improve the overall quality and speed of cheater detection and banning.” An update to the reporting system will also see a notification appear when someone you reported received a ban.

“Your worries and indignations are 100% clear to us,” the post concludes. “And always have been. Report all these bastards, we will make the game cleaner together.”

If the responses on Reddit are anything to go by, the statement hasn’t been received all that well. One highly upvoted reply states that they have “a hard time believing” the claims in Battlestate’s message and questions the lack of two-factor authentication.

“It definitely sucks to see one of my favorite games of all time, and a potential game to go down in stardom in video gaming history, just fall apart like this due to lack of care,” the poster states.

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