Escape from New York Game in Development, Art Suggests

escape from new york

Recently, an album made up of concept art and blueprints from an Escape from New York game surfaced online, along with claims that the game itself is in development at Slipgate Ironworks. In a series of images – more than 30 in total – we get a glimpse at an authentic recreation of the world seen in the 1981 Kurt Russell movie of the same name, revealing a conceptual environment, factions, and gameplay elements.

It hasn’t been confirmed if these images are legitimate or if the game is actually in development, but Slipgate Ironworks is poised to announce a title, per the company’s website.

Get Ready to Escape

Escape from New York is a cult classic title that sees Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken tasked with fighting his way across Manhattan Island – which is now a maximum security prison – and rescuing the President of the United States. It’s a fantastic dystopian flick that was co-written by John Carpenter, best known for his work on Halloween, The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China.

In the images that were uploaded to Imgur, we see a faithful recreation of Escape from New York, including iconic locales and mirror image replications of key characters, including Kurt Russell’s protagonist. There are some development images mixed in with the concept art, suggesting that the game has been constructed to some extent.

Presently, all we can do is make assumptions – there’s no information at all about this game outside of these images. Could this be an open-world title set across a sprawling Manhattan map inspired by the 1981 movie, or will it be a linear recreation of the movie, scene by scene?

It looks good, whatever it is. We’ve reached out to Slipgate Ironworks for comment in any case and will update this article with their response.

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