Yuzu To Pay $2.4 Million to Settle Nintendo Lawsuit

nintendo lawsuit

Last week, it was revealed that Nintendo had kicked off a lawsuit against Tropic Haze, the creator of a platform called Yuzu, a popular emulation service. It was alleged in the lawsuit that the platform had facilitated the download of more than one million copies of Tears of the Kingdom before the game launched in May 2023, among other claims.

In the lawsuit, which saw Nintendo slam the Yuzu platform as ‘unlawful’, the Japanese tech titan sought financial compensation for the ‘pirating’ activities promoted by the service. Recently, it was discovered that Tropic Haze has opted to settle with Nintendo and pay a whopping $2.4 million to clean the slate.

The Feeling’s Mutual

In a document uncovered by OatmealDome on Twitter, it was revealed that both Nintendo of America Inc. and Tropic Haze LLC had reached a mutual agreement to settle the lawsuit:

Nintendo of America Inc. and Tropic Haze LLC, by and through their undersigned counsel, hereby consent to judgment in favor of Nintendo, and jointly move the Court to enter monetary relief in the sum of US$2,400,000.00 in favor of Nintendo and against Defendant.

Tropic Haze now owns Nintendo a wedge of cash – but it has mutually agreed to pay this as a way of making up for (allegedly) providing more than a million copies of Tears of the Kingdom unlawfully. It also highlighted in the documentation that the Yuzu platform must stop offering the emulation service for download. That means Tropic Haze must forfeit the platform’s source code, amongst other things.

It doesn’t end there, though – Tropic Haze is also prohibited from starting any new services or companies that offer emulated Nintendo software. Did the company make enough money before the settlement to have made this venture worthwhile?

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