Battlefield 2042 Season 7 Leak May Have Revealed New Weapons

battlefield 2042

In a short clip uploaded to a Chinese video-sharing platform, a host of new weapons (and a vehicle) seemingly due to drop in Battlefield 2042’s Season 7 update may have been revealed. In the clip and accompanying text, four new weapons are revealed along with a fixed-wing aircraft that’s modelled on the Sukhoi S-70, a Russian plane that’s reminiscent of the infamous B-2 Spirit ‘stealth bomber’.

Classic Battlefield

In the 46-second video uploaded on bilibili, a series of weapons are shown, with the person who uploaded them claiming that they’re going to be released in Battlefield 2042’s Season 7 update. This major update was due to arrive at some point this month, but a confirmed date is yet to be locked in by DICE.

The weapons shown in the video make up a classic range of Battlefield firearms, all of which have made an appearance in past titles – most prominently in 2013’s Battlefield 4. This is what was shown:

  • AK5C (Assault Rifle)
  • SCZ-3 (SMG)
  • CZ3A1 (Carbine)
  • SRAW (Rocket Launcher)

It was also suggested that a new plane called the ‘XFAD-4’ will be surfacing in the next season of Battlefield 2042. Modelled on Russia’s Sukhoi S-70 – which first took to the skies in 2019 – the XFAD-4 would make a welcome addition to Battlefield 2042’s woefully short list of fixed-wing aircraft.

We’re working to corroborate this leak at present and urging readers to take this claim with a pinch of salt for now.

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