Dungeons & Dragons Crossover DLC For Minecraft Announced

Dungeons & Dragons Minecraft Crossover
Image Source: Hasbro, Inc.

The Dungeons & Dragons announcement showcase has taken off today, delivering a variety of news about the famous role-playing game. While many upcoming things relevant to the franchise were discussed, one that came as a surprise was the announcement of a crossover DLC for Minecraft. Acting as the sandbox game’s first fully-voiced adventure, the Dungeons & Dragons crossover DLC for Minecraft will feature elements familiar to fans of both titles.

Fans of Minecraft have seen a lot of changes to the game recently, from the announcement of the 1.20 update to the world editor. The Dungeons & Dragons DLC adds on to these upcoming features that March has delivered. While the DLC has been confirmed as fully-voice acted, the cast itself has not been revealed. Instead, information about the narrative-based storyline and other elements players can expect has been shared.

The full storyline should take players around ten hours to complete and will include classic Dungeons & Dragons features such as ability scores, dice, and spells. It will start off as a “game within a game” as players meet a Dungeon Master in their basement who explains the rules and helps with character creation.

Four classes will be available: Barbarian, Paladin, Rogue, and Wizard. After creating a character, players will go on an adventure through the Forgotten Realms. Both single and multiplayer options will be available, similarly to how an adventure party in Dungeons and Dragons works.

You can check out the trailer from the Dungeons & Dragons direct below for more news and a closer look at the DLC.

If you are interested, be sure to have a copy of the Minecraft Bedrock Edition as it will be the only version compatible with the DLC. While you wait for the release, have a look at Nintendo’s Tears of the Kingdom direct highlights.