Minecraft World Editor Coming to Bedrock Soon, Leak Claims

minecraft world editor

Late last year, it was revealed that eagle-eyed users had uncovered references to a Minecraft ‘World Editor’ mode or a Toolbox Mode in the game’s files – particularly in a preview for future updates of the game. This data was uncovered on the Bedrock platform and it’s believed to be in development for PC only.

There have been whispers of this feature surfacing in the game for a couple of months at least, but it was only recently – like, today kind of recently – that users have been able to get an idea of what the Minecraft World Editor may look like for Bedrock.

In a post on Twitter, one insider claims to have obtained work-in-progress footage of the tool in action.

It’ll Make Things Much Easier

If you’re a fan of building enormous constructs in Minecraft, then you’ve likely already found a way to make things easier. On other versions of Minecraft, there are mods that can be installed to make building a breeze, and essentially, world editors and building toolkits have existed for quite a while.

However, it seems that there are tangible plans to bring an official Minecraft World Editor function to Bedrock – perhaps exclusively to PC – which will give players the ability to build, edit, and reshape the world around them at the press of a button.

On Twitter, self-labelled ‘actual games industry insider’ Roger Badgerman posted a short clip that apparently shows the work-in-progress editor in action:

This alleged leak essentially corroborates reports posted last year by a Minecraft add-on creator, SmokeyStack, who also posted findings to Twitter. In this revelation, code was pulled from the game’s files – as well as a telling image – that offered a direct reference to a Minecraft Editor Mode surfacing in Bedrock at some point.

There are expectations that the new editor will be available on PC only and it may go so far as to become its own unique game mode.

Would you appreciate a Minecraft World Editor for Bedrock, or are you happy with managing your builds one block at a time?

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