Dune Awakening Could Be In Development For An Unannounced Platform

Funcom’s survival multiplayer title Dune Awakening could be in development for an unannounced platform according to the LinkedIn page of a VFX artist working on the game.

Taku Wanifcu has been working in the VFX department for Dune Awakening over the last three years and lists the platforms that the game will be available on as “PC, PS5, Xbox S1, TBA”. The unannounced platform was brought to the attention of the subreddit r/gamingleaksandrumours by the user ezidro.

Speculation has begun to mount amongst the subreddit with some believing that Dune Awakening could launch on Nintendo’s next console or on the PS5 Pro. While it’s not outside the realm of possibility, the dates don’t quite add up.

We previously reported in our exclusive report that the PS5 Pro was in active development and would be set to release in late 2024. Dune Awakening on the other hand is currently aiming for a release date later this year or in early 2024. That would place the release of the game months ahead of the release of the PS5 Pro at the very least.

A far more likely contender for the unannounced platform is the potential Nintendo Switch 2 however it is noted in the subreddit that Wanifcu’s listing of the unannounced console could simply be a way of Funcom covering all their bases for any future ports. Given the massive multiplayer element of Dune Awakening, it’s likely that the studio wants to ensure the game is accessible as possible and offer continuous support which could mean bringing it to any potential new consoles or platforms down the line.

Dune Awakening will challenge players to survive the brutal environments of Arrakis and plans to host thousands of users as they venture into the desert-like alien planet.

What do you think the unannounced platform could be?

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