DualSense Edge Support Arrives on PS5

The latest firmware update to the PS5 adds support for the upcoming DualSense Edge wireless controller.

The new version of PS5 firmware is already available to download, coming in at just 1GB in filesize. Users will need to agree to updated terms of service after installing the update.

The main feature arriving in version 22.02-06.50.00 is support for the DualSense Edge, Sony’s new high-end customizable wireless controller. 

The accompanying details also include the standard message that the “system software update improves system performance.” Though, as usual, there is no further information available as to what these improvements refer to.

The new firmware update arrives ahead of the PS5’s new controller. The DualSense Edge is due to be released on January 26th. A more expensive variant of the PS5’s standard DualSense controller, it comes with improved features and customizability akin to the Xbox’s Elite series controllers.

Extra physical features include three different caps for the analog sticks, the ability to adjust trigger depth to your preference, mappable back buttons, and easily replaceable stick modules for when ferocious finger waggling eventually causes drifting to become an issue.

The DualSense Edge also features a function button that can be used to swap between different controller profiles. Full button remapping is paired with trigger and stick sensitivity, as well as control over haptic feedback vibration intensity. As such, multiple profiles can be created and swapped on the fly for different users or games.

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