Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is Scheduled to Release This Year, it’s Claimed

dragon age dreadwolf

According to new claims from Jeff Grubb on the latest Game Mess, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf could potentially launch sometime in late 2024.

In December 2023, Bioware officially confirmed that a full reveal is coming in summer 2024. Players can already wishlist now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Bioware also released an official trailer last December, though it was brief. It only featured cinematics and did not reveal actual gameplay.

But the description does elaborate on the plot. It explains that players will “enter Thedas, a vibrant land of rugged wilderness, treacherous labyrinths, and glittering cities – steeped in savage combat and secret magics”.

With a full reveal coming so soon, this does support Grubb’s stated release window. However, Bioware has not confirmed anything officially about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf’s release.

Grubb also mentioned that Bioware employees feel “confident” about the window. Many of Grubb’s previous statements on Game Press have also proven reliable later on.

However, Grubb does mention that they are uncertain about when the release window will be revealed. So, it may come earlier or later than the official announcement claims.

Dragon Age remains an iconic fantasy RPG series. Dragon Age: Inquisition in particular made an enormous impression on the fanbase. It also won a variety of awards, including Game of the Year among many outlets.

It has been many years since the latest Dragon Age game, so fans have built a lot of buzz around Dreadwolf. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will surely benefit from all of the latest technological advancements in 2024.

Just weeks ago, Jeff Grubb also claimed that Sony could be planning to release a brand-new Astro Bot game this year. Grubb said that “I’ve heard maybe Astro does happen this year”.

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  1. I for one am HYPE for this game, though I feel it likely won’t match BG3 by any stretch of the imagination.

  2. I’m worried about the games combat direction. If the previous sequels to origins tell us anything, combat wise we are up for less strategy and less depth of skill types besides damage, damage, and more damage. And now with more of an action combat focus as per the leaks, we’re likely in for less input to your companions and just a dodge roll click fest while ai does the rest. Sad because the series has so much potential and bg3 has shown us that you don’t need action combat to be successful in 2024 which

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