Dr Disrespect’s Studio Shows Gameplay of Combat Racing Game

dr disrespect midnight ride

In the words of the man himself, ‘At Midnight Society, we’re not just building another generic first-person shooter.’ This statement backed up a gameplay trailer of what appears to be a new combat racing game from Dr Disrespect’s development studio, Midnight Society. It was first teased a few weeks ago, but now, there’s a 30-second clip that offers up a deeper insight into the project, which at the moment is ripe for speculation.

Judging from the aesthetic and associated tagging and whatnot, ‘Midnight Ride’ could just be an add-on to DEADROP, the game that Midnight Society has been working on for almost two years now. But given how different it is from the gameplay we’ve seen so far from DEADROP, it seems more likely it’s a standalone title.

Is Midnight Ride a New Game?

At this point, only those close to the project will know. It seems, from everything we’ve seen, that Midnight Ride is a new game in itself, but it seems rather bizarre that Midnight Society is kicking off another project when it hasn’t gotten anywhere close to completing DEADROP.

With that being said, it was packed up as ‘Snapshot VII’ – and the ‘Snapshot’ concept is what Midnight Society has been using thus far to give prospective fans their insights into the development of DEADROP.

So, who knows? Here’s the trailer:

From what we can see, it’s a very early build of something that may or may not hit. It’s a combat racer – and there haven’t been many of those lately. I still remember Roadkill on the PlayStation 2 – that game was phenomenal. Is that what Dr Disrespect and Midnight Society are aiming for here?

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