Elon Musk Becomes Super Successful Streamer In One Hour

elon musk gaming stream

Elon Musk is, by numbers alone, now one of the most successful streamers on the face of the Earth. He recently went live on Twitter (X), opting to broadcast a run-through of a Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeon. End-to-end, the stream lasted around 52 minutes – but during that time, Musk pulled in a peak concurrent viewer count of around 1.3 million users.

To put that into perspective, xQc has a recorded peak of 312,158, DrDisrespect reached heights of 363,980, and Ninja hit 616,693, to name a few big streamers. This is all a part of Musk’s desire to make Twitter a multimedia hub, encouraging people to come and earn the big bucks on the platform – and that includes content creators and streamers.

Is Twitter Going to be a Top Streaming Site?

Aside from a few technical hiccups that were ironed out relatively quickly, Elon Musk’s stream proved one thing – Twitter is a viable platform for broadcasting gameplay. He notched up 1.3 million peak viewers inside an hour, which is obviously because of his profile in the first place, but the infrastructure had no real issues supporting that.

His gameplay wasn’t even that bad, and it was almost surreal to see one of the richest people on Earth chilling out and grinding some Diablo 4.

There have already been shout-outs regarding his equipment, too – for instance, Razer was quick to highlight on some platforms that Musk was sitting quite obviously in one of their gaming chairs. That’s the best free advertising the brand might ever receive… Or is it?

Musk uploaded a VOD of the stream (issues and all) to his main account, and it picked up millions of views there, too:

What do you think? Could you ever see yourself migrating to Twitter (X) as a streamer or a content creator? There’s a lot of money to be made there, but is that what it’s all about?

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