Dr Disrespect Failed And Raged At His Own Game

dr disrespect rage

Dr Disrespect’s ‘DEADROP’ has been in development for quite a while now, and with each new ‘snapshot’, we’re seeing a more polished product… But it’s far from perfect. That’s a sentiment that was echoed during a recent live stream broadcasted by the Two Time, as a blatant failure in his own game caused The Doc to fall to his death – and then in true form, he raged hard.


Dr Disrespect is nothing if not an entertainer, and much of his most iconic scenes have come from his trademark raging – or his brash overconfidence. If something in a game makes him irritated, he’ll let tens of thousands of viewers know about it by slamming his desk, breaking his peripherals, or standing up and shouting at the top of his voice.

He’s a gamer at heart, right?

In one of his latest broadcasts, The Doc was playing a snapshot of DEADROP, the in-development extraction shooter being made by Doc’s ‘Midnight Society’ studio. At one point during his session, Dr Disrespect’s character failed to latch onto a zipline and fell to his untimely death, prompting The Doc to explode:

Outside of that, the movement and some of the mechanics in Doc’s extraction shooter aren’t looking too bad.

At the moment, it’s unknown when the game will be released – even in an early access or alpha state.

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  1. Good, it just proves to the gaming world, gamers & devs, that he isn’t biased in his rage. Sure, some of it is for comedic entertainment regardless of the game, but he wants to build a game that a true fps gamer can enjoy without dying to bullshit instead of skill.

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