Where to Find Every Key in Warzone 2 DMZ

On the 16th of October, Modern Warfare 2 launched with Warzone 2.0 coming several weeks later, and along with that came the introduction of DMZ. As something of an experiment, DMZ brings an ‘extraction shooter’ mode to the popular battle royale platform, offering players a more intense, immersive way to play the game.

In DMZ, players must enter the map with a pre-defined loadout, loot to their hearts’ content, complete objectives, and extract from the map with their bounty. If they die while they’re in-game, they lose what they’ve collected and what they’ve brought in with them.

Recently, one player attempted to make DMZ a little easier by detailing the locations of all the doors locked by specific keys that can be found across Al Mazrah.

Knock, Knock, Who’s There? Probably Al-Qatala.

There are fifty-six different keys to be picked up across Al Mazrah exclusively in the DMZ mode. These keys unlock doors littered all over the map, and they’re typically put in place to make it more challenging to secure the hottest, most high-value loot.

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to understand exactly where these keys go unless you have immaculate map knowledge. That’s a big ask, considering the game is barely two weeks old, but thankfully, one player has taken the time to produce a map highlighting the locations of every door, matching them with their respective key.

Image Credit: ark_mod on Reddit

This makes life much easier for DMZ players, as they can now bring in keys that they’ve extracted from the map into their future raids, opting to head directly for the door that they now have the ability to unlock.

How Does DMZ Differ From Warzone 2.0?

DMZ is Activision’s attempt to break into the extraction shooter genre popularised by the likes of Escape from Tarkov. It’s a more hardcore and punishing experience, but it does take place on the same map as Warzone 2.0 and makes use of many of the game’s mechanics.

Ultimately, when a player lands in Al Mazrah for a round of DMZ, their objective is to leave again after having as successful a game as possible. They’re not supposed to be the last alive, as they are in Warzone 2.0 – in fact, they don’t need to fight at all.

There are stacks of contracts, missions, secure locations to breach and loot, vehicles to roam in, and AI opponents to do battle with. If the player falls to an enemy at any point, they lose their progress in that raid and they automatically relinquish any equipment they entered the game with.

It’s harder than Warzone 2.0, but it’s considered to be much more rewarding.

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