Dmitry Kozko Resigns From Motorsport Games Board Of Directors

Dmitry Kozko Motorsport Games

Dmitry Kozko has resigned from Motorsport Games’ Board of Directors.

In a document filed on September 6, the company announced that Kozko submitted his resignation as director of Motorsport Games, effective immediately.

“Mr. Kozko’s decision to resign was due to personal reasons and not over any disagreement with the Company or with other directors of the Company on any matter relating to the Company’s operations, policies or practices.”

As of publishing, Kozko is still listed as the Director on Motorsport Games’ website along with three other “Independent Directors”. Back in April, Kozko stepped down as CEO and was replaced by then-former CFO Stephen Hood.

The news of Kozko’s departure from the company’s board also comes on the heels of Motorsport Games losing multiple lawsuits filed by employees for unpaid wages. It’s uncertain, however, if there is any relation between the resignation and the suits. Kozko was CEO during the period of unpaid wages claimed in each case.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Motorsport Games for comment. That request, thus far, has gone unanswered.

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