Could F-Zero Be Primed For A Return To Nintendo Switch?

F-Zero Nintendo Switch

With rumors of a Nintendo Direct coming next week, the same leaker is now teasing the return of a classic Nintendo franchise. Twitter user Pyoro, who has leaked Nintendo Switch news in the past, has seemingly teased F-Zero as part of the next Direct showcase.

“Let’s just say fans of a certain MATLAB function will be happy with the upcoming Direct,” they said.

In MATLAB, there is a “fzero” function that finds the root of nonlinear function. While the actual function itself isn’t important, the name of it surely is.

This isn’t the first time the return of F-Zero has been mentioned or teased. Earlier this year, it was claimed that F-Zero GX was set to get a remaster. It’s uncertain if Pyoro’s teases are related to the same report, or if it’s something completely different.

F-Zero GX was the last main console release in the series from Nintendo back in 2003. The franchise has remained dormant for the last 20 years on consoles. The last F-Zero game altogether was a Game Boy Advance title, F-Zero Climax, in 2004.

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