Disney Domination: More Images of ‘Smash Bros. Killer’ Surface, It’s Claimed

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In March, imagery surfaced revealing shots of what was allegedly ‘Disney Domination’, a game that’s being described as a Super Smash Bros. killer. In this original leak, we saw shots of Disney characters from almost every sub-franchise, including the likes of Thanos, Mickey Mouse, Peter Griffin, Spider-Man, and Woody.

Now, it seems that another leak has hit the web, as a post on Reddit has surfaced with extra – uncorroborated – details about Disney Domination, including a string of images much like the first leak that occurred several weeks ago.

Will Disney Domination Wipe Out Smash Bros.?

In the post on Reddit, several details were revealed about the Disney Domination project, but it’s worth stressing that at present, they’re unverified:

  • Disney Domination will feature up to 55 characters at launch, spread across a single-player campaign that features 60 stages.
  • There will be ‘so many’ online modes, including 12-player online battles, voice chat battles, ‘Disney Dominion’, missions, and more.
  • There will be a ‘Lounge’ in Disney Domination where players can go to share custom stages and other content.
  • It will boast a unique art style that ‘looks like something out of Unreal Engine 5’, and it’s supposed to be ‘edgy’.
  • Reportedly, it’s being developed by Square Enix, but that’s totally unconfirmed.

This post went on to explain that the game has been in development since 2018 and it apparently boasts a ‘AAA budget’. In the fresh images that were leaked, we see a character called Ultra Flame Face destroying a planet, Woody looking terrified, Donald Duck raging, and Thanos potentially fighting… Peter Griffin?

In the past, we’ve seen mention of other characters surfacing in the game – Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Mulan, Hulk, and dozens more. An older leak discussed that it started out as a passion project built by a team of 25 people, but this number swelled with backing and was increased to a team made up of 240 developers.

Could Disney Domination be a true and viable competitor to Super Smash Bros? It’s worth stressing that, at present, this report is still uncorroborated and should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it would be great for a true competitor to be developed, right? It’s reportedly aiming for a release window in the second half of 2024, so if it’s going to be announced, it’ll be very soon.

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  1. The number of ways this is fake BS is staggering:

    -The notion that a new SSB clone could possibly launch with 55 characters when it took at least 4 games for SSB to get that high.

    -“Ultra Flame Face” looking more like a Twisted Metal reject than anything that would be associated with the name Disney.

    -Hell I doubt Disney would want Family Guy anywhere near core Disney & Pixar either.

    -“12 player matches” sounds like the sort of thing a fake leaker would come with without realizing just how bad an idea that would actually be in practice.

    -Custom created stages is apparently also going to be a thing as well? Quite an advanced feature for a new IP. SSB didn’t have it until the 3rd game & it wasn’t good until a patch for ultimate.

    -It’s a Disney game made by Square & there’s nothing Kingdom Hearts related in it? That’s the most obvious 2+2 thing ever. Hell, just make it a KH fighter!

    -& the cherry on top of it all, the images were confirmed to be AI art created months ago. So, not real.

  2. The way Disney is going right now there is no way that anything they put out would even come close to the success of smash not to mention that this sounds fake af

  3. Isn’t the artwork in UE5 photo realistic?… if not, what is the UE5 art style? Will they be making Mickey more like a real mouse similar to what they do to their live action movie remakes? When they say “edgy”, should we expect graffiti, or dark and gritty?

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