Destiny 2 Onslaught Activity Revealed For Into The Light

During the first dev stream for Into the Light, Bungie revealed the new activity “Onslaught”, coming to Destiny 2 for its major Into the Light update.

Bungie showed off about 40 minutes of gameplay and broke down the core mechanics. In Onslaught, players must defend the Last City and “take the fight to the Witness’ forces”.

The objective is to defend the ADU, or Advanced Defense Unit, from waves of enemy forces. These waves will escalate over time, and players need to purchase scraps between waves to succeed.

At the end of the stream, Bungie also confirmed that the next livestream will roll out on March 26th at 10 AM pacific time.

The next stream will cover “returning Guardian favorite weapons”. It will also give fans a “look at an all-new social space that you can take your fireteam down to”.

Some fans were a little disappointed that the first dev stream only concentrated on a single new activity. Further, that the activity didn’t necessarily introduce too many new mechanics.

However, there was certainly an extensive gameplay showcase. And this is just the first of three dev streams, which will clearly reveal different features every time.

Meanwhile, Destiny 2 fans can still look forward to The Final Shape. Although it was expected earlier, the devs delayed it to June 2024. The devs explained that “we’re taking the time we need to deliver an even bigger and bolder vision”.

Longtime Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn announced in January that they would leave the company. Blackburn added that “Tyson Green will take the reins as D2 Game Director”. Green previously worked on Halo, so fans may expect Green’s style going forward.

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